Space Exploration

A while back I shot a behind the scenes video, Im not even sure it was ever uploaded

While on set i managed to get some nice photos though of the spaces we were working in.

Some of them you would never experience, and some you will never experience at the times we were in them.

Please click through the gallery to view

Lola Wilde Video

I Made this video for the launch of Lola Wilde,
Its a friends start up, and think they offering a great product for bridesmaids.
Find them at
I hope it goes well.

OPH Test Shoot

This was a quick test shoot we did for Downtown Johannesburg Property company OPH.
I directed, edited and shot what wasn’t shot on drone.
Drone footage was shot by Seamus Bax, of Drone X Cinematography.

This just shows some of their property, its potential, current uses and their influence on surrounding spaces, like Ghandi square and Fox street pedestrian walkway.

Was interesting to shoot here, had some trouble getting stable drone shots between buildings but happy with the outcome.

Downtown Johannesburg-Property Development from Richard Aaron on Vimeo.

Motocross Test Shoot

This was great fun, and a day filled with lots of dust.

I wanted to get some interesting footage, something fun to edit.
I also got work with drone operator Seamus Bax to get the moving vantage point shots I wanted.
I didn’t go into this with any concept, thought I would shoot what I could and maybe have a nice promo for the MXwetherd Track.

Going to do a couple more in this series, but will try get deeper into the characters involved and their activities.

Thanks to Dylan and the guys for riding all day while I shot and the MXWetherd Track, looking forward to some summer sunrise shoots here.

MX at Wetherd Maniax MXpark from Richard Aaron on Vimeo.

Music Video for Bloodmachine

Made this video for the Bloodmachine single ‘So Good’

Cliff the singer, filmed himself in Jeffreys Bay, and Isaac and myself filmed Robyn the dancer in Johannesburg.

Tholi B Music Video

This one isn’t quite my style music video,but I wasn’t directing.
I was called in to shoot this last minute, as the DP was sick.
While the content…well take a look and see for your self.
Im happy how the shots look and it was my first time shooting on the Lumix GH4.

Nedbank Golf Challenge

Work from a little while back.

Some new work for Cell C and FCB with Team Best

Leading Lady EPK

Before I went traveling I worked on the feature film, Leading Lady,
shooting behind the scenes and the EPK content.
Here is the EPK and some stills.

Stills from shooting Metro FM Awards ‘3Deepsolo’ Campaign

When we were shooting the 3Deepsolo video campaign for Metro FM awards last year we took some still along the way of 3Deep.

This campaign won silver at the Loerie Awards

Here he is touring the mother land